Nuts, the hell it is

The world

is integrated for polyhedral as ball

is wonderful for diverse as cloud

is harmonious for complementary as woman to man


Mathematics is yoga to mind,

in other words is exercise to brain.


Things are worn by using,

but mind are sharp by exercise.


The elder usually knows well for the past.

The wise often does right at present.

The prophet frequently proved to have an insight of the future afterwards.

Yet none but Father Time knows all.

Time flies,

Like sunshine ceases on green leaves of tree

As water flows into a lake or the sea

Let it be

For nothing can detain at our pleasure

Let bygones be bygones

For the world is not a static painting

Whoever is not necessary to the running of the world

but it’s a pity even when a leaf falls or a flower perishes

and we are sorry that a stranger’s pet had died

or we were sympathetic when facing people suffered from illness

so how about the death of a person?

God would feel sorry for anyone’s left

All creatures are mortal

Ice thawed and snow melted

They transformed into water on the ground or the cloud in the sky

Bavin consumed and candle burned

They turned into light which illuminated us and heat which warmed us

Our body is updated by metabolism every moment

Ideas emitted in the mind whenever we are awake

Dreams present itself while we are asleep

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